Warsteiner Balloon Advocates for Good Beer and Good Ballooning…but just not at the same time

Here is a picture of the Warsteiner hydrogen gas balloon at the 49th Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. In case you are wondering about the translation, it declares itself to be “The Queen of the Beers”, as opposed to Budweiser’s less modest “King of Beers” slogan.

Of course they are NOT advocating drinking while operating a balloon. This is, after all, a giant bag of flammable gas, so no pilot would want to have impaired judgment around something like this. You will have to enjoy your Warsteiner on the ground.

Note: We were told that this balloon is being used as a temporary loaner balloon and not as a result of any corporate endorsement. The pilots were competing in Poland and their balloon has not yet been shipped back to the US, so they were provided with this one in order to compete.

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