The Balloon Fiesta Draws Neigh

by Aaron Cowan.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which was cancelled last year due to COVID, is back and you will not even need to show proof of vaccination to attend…(though we at think it is a pendejo move, in our informed opinion, to attend this event of almost one million participants without your vaccinations. That is almost begging to get sick.)

The event will be starting on October 2nd and wraps up on October 10th. It will feature all of the standard activities, including mass ascensions, special shapes, an evening glowdeo, fireworks, fly in competitions, and a gas balloon race. Additionally, there will be a classic car show on October 3rd, and goodie bag distributions for kids on October 7th.

Please get vaccinated or your booster shots and then enjoy the Balloon Fiesta this year, and many years to come. We would hate for this to be your last Balloon Fiesta if you end up contracting COVID.

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