See a tough launch for a gas balloon

Not all launches go as planned, as you will see in the video below. These are hydrogen balloons so the only thing they can really do to climb is to drop ballast. This balloon started off OK, but then started to dip and head right for a bunch of the hot air balloons on the ground setting up for a twinkle glow later in the evening. Watch all the water and sand that they had to dump in order to climb. I’m sure that a few people in the flight path got a bit of a shower. Theoretically, this also puts the pilots at a bit of a disadvantage in this race, since they lost quite a bit of ballast just on the takeoff and now they will have less over the course of the next couple days as they try to go the furthest distance in this Gordon Bennett style race. The lesson here is that, in gas balloons every ounce counts. So avoid eating that extra burrito before launch next time 😉

This gas balloon started under-inflated and has to drop ballast to take off.

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