A conversation between a Repug and a Sane Person about the “Corona Virus”

Repug: The Corona Virus is just the new Democrat hoax — not that many people are even dying

Sane person:  That’s funny because, I’ve heard a lot of right-wingers tell me that it was a Chinese bioweapon

Repug: It is a bio-weapon, designed to make Trump look bad.

Sane person: Then how could it be a hoax if it was made on purpose?

Repug: Ummm……Well…you see the Chinese just didn’t make it very good.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  And the liberal media exaggerated it.  It’s not even as deadly as the flu

Sane person:  But every doctor, not just in the US, but all over the world is saying that it is highly infectious compared to the flu. And it is not just the liberal media that covered it.  All kinds of media covered it.

Repug:  But there just aren’t enough people dying!

Sane person: That’s because we are under full quarantine.  And Trump is a Republican.  He ordered the quarantine. 

Repug: But some places aren’t even that bad. We should let them go back to work right now!

Sane person: They may not be bad precisely because they are quarantined.  If you stop the quarantine then it is still likely that more people will get sick and will die.  We have not reached peak infection.

Repug: Who cares?  More people die each year of the flu. 

Sane person:  You keep saying that, but a lot of those people who die of the flu are older people with pre-existing conditions who would die anyway.  This infection is killing a lot of otherwise healthy people.  Also we have flu vaccines and many other flu treatments, but we don’t have good treatments for this because it is a newly discovered virus

Repug:  Yep, that proves it is a bio-weapon.  But Trump says chloroquine will cure it.  He says it’s a proven drug that won’t kill anyone and that’s why he got the FDA approved it in record time.  What a game-changer. 

Sane Person:  Actually people have died from self-medicating with Chloroquine.  It’s also highly toxic and the FDA says that they did not approve it, despite what Trump claims.  It is not proven to treat COVID-19, it’s only starting to be tested, so there is no evidence that this drug cures it.

Repug:  I want things to go back to normal by Easter.  And it’s not fair to close churches.  That’s religious discrimination.  I consider going to church “essential”.

Sane Person:  The virus operates on its own timeline.  It knows nothing about Easter.  We should wait until peak infection has passed or until we do have a drug that can be shown to stop it.

To your second point, it’s not religious discrimination because religious people were not specifically targeted.  Everyone is asked to stay home.  Also, the term essential, in this context, has the specific meaning that you could die without it.  Regardless of what you claim, you will not die by not going to church.

Repug:  Well Trump will be elected by a landslide for saving us from this emergency.  What a great leader.

Sane person:  But you insisted that it wasn’t a real emergency, even though you also claimed it was a weapon, and Trump was the person who dragged his feet to do anything until it had spread to every state.  If he had acted quicker then it might have been contained like it was in many other countries, like South Korea.  Trump did a terrible job and it cost us trillions of dollars.  He also acted highly unprofessionally, promising all kind of things that he couldn’t deliver and starting all kind of squabbles with governors, legislators, and the press. 

Repug:  I just can’t talk to you.  You simply won’t listen to reason.

Sane Person:  You might want to research the psychological phenomenon called Projection

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